Unleash The Awesome Potential Embedded Within Your Team So They Love Winning Together In Achieving Excellence

Are you dealing with any of these team challenges?  

  • Teamwork is supposed to be dreamwork. Why isn't it?
  • Nothing you've tried seems to help the team work better together.
  • You know they can be more productive and something is stopping them.
  • You hired highly talented people, but the 'people stuff' is getting in the way.

I've managed 100s of teams and have experienced all of these. I get it. 

The deeper the trust, the greater collaboration, innovation, and invention in achieving goals.

Teamwork is critical to sustainability of the business (Gallup.com)

I achieved many certifications and took many trainings. At last, I found the magic bullet that helped me win big with my teams.

Let me share it with you! Invest in your team.

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Engage in team development to empower your team for winning.

What clients say...

Dr. Karen Cravens, Professor, Univ. of Tulsa

"Cynthia's workshop helped us understand how we could better serve our students. Her skill in showing us how to apply our strengths to achieve our goals was transformational. After her team coaching, we are now able to assess our priorities and deploy our resources in the most effective manner."

Gloria Gonzalez, Practice Manager, Tulsa NeuroSpecialists

"Cynthia ran several strengths workshops when we opened our neurological clinic. The insights we gained were incredibly effective at work and even with my husband and five adult children. Her grasp of how to apply strengths-based principles and CliftonStrengths is unparalleled."

Maximize Impact


The kernels of a brilliant life are wired within each & every one of us.

Discover how each person is uniquely wired to do great things.

Together, you can do more than you can imagine in maximizing your winning impact.

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ROI potential for strengths-based development:

When leaders make strengths-based development a priority, their companies make larger, faster strides in crucial business outcomes. (Gallup.com)















safety incidents



customer engagement

You set the goals, objectives, and timing.

You select the best development package to transform your team dynamics.

I coach, advise, and consult with you to:

  1. Reveal current challenges, what's worked and what hasn't
  2. Clarify your objectives and what success looks like
  3. Profile your team capabilities based on talents, strengths, weaknesses, & biases
  4. Pursue team development to fulfill your objectives
  5. Master your leadership impact based on team dynamics


The more time spent together learning strengths dynamics, the faster and more impactful the engagement, energy, and excellence achieved. These workshops are offered in person and virtually.

Select the workshop below and book a free consultation to discuss your objectives and how to best achieve them with your team.


Discover how to leverage individual and team strengths and weaknesses for better team cohesion and improved productivity.

This 2-hour highly interactive, fast-paced workshop provides:

  • CliftonStrengths Top 5 individual and team talent profile
  • Discovery of how strengths complement and collide
  • Clarity in developing strengths and managing weaknesses
  • Strengths alignment to increase goal achievement

$995 base + $15 per student (50 person max)

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Create the team’s winning formula for better team cohesion and improved  productivity. Define needed roles and align individual talents to team goals.

This half-day highly interactive, fast-paced workshop provides:

  • CliftonStrengths Top 5 assessment
  • Extended talent profile for each individual and the team itself
  • Clarity on successes and failures based on strengths know-how
  • Strengths-related contributions and frustrations among team members
  • Team's winning formula with talents and roles aligned to goals

$1795 base + $15 per student (50 person max)

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Rationalize team dynamics, reduce frustrations, ramp up cohesion and productivity, and excel with strengths to exceed goals.

This full-day, highly interactive, fast-paced workshop provides:

  • CliftonStrengths Top 5 assessment
  • In-depth talent profile for each individual and the team itself
  • Clarity in maximizing individual contributions to grow strengths 
  • How to leverage strengths dynamics to resolve conflict and achieve cohesion
  • Team calibration to build trust through effective feedback conversations
  • Strategies and action plans to continue strengthening the team

$2985 base + $15 per student (50 max)

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Choose INDIVIDUAL COACHING for team members:

Individuals gain great insight and perspective when coached on how to develop their strengths and manage their weaknesses for greater effectiveness, productivity, and teamwork.


Your potential through your strengths and talents.

1-to-1 coaching outcomes include:

  • CliftonStrengths Top 5 profile
  • Clear view of the contributions you make
  • Understanding of what you need to be effective 
  • How to align your strengths to achieve your goals

$195 - 1 Session

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Your power and potential through your strengths and winning formula. 

1-to-1 coaching outcomes include:

  • CliftonStrengths 34 full profile
  • Growth in your talent zone
  • Awareness and management of your biases, weaknesses, and blind spots
  • Confidence in your purpose and your winning formula based on your strengths

$525 - 3 Sessions at 10% discount

Three month term

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in your personal and professional life, true to your authentic self.

1-to-1 coaching outcomes include:

  • CliftonStrengths 34 full profile
  • Growth in your genius zone
  • In-depth self-awareness and self-management of your biases, weaknesses, and blind spots
  • Deep confidence in your purpose and winning formula to live an inspired life
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Greater self-esteem and better quality relationships 

$995 - 6 sessions at 15% discount

Six month term

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I customize to my client needs

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