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Discover your leadership talents to become the leader everyone wants to follow.

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Build high-trust teams that achieve goals with excellence and love winning together.

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"I was building a new team for a startup, and needed the team to gel very quickly. With Cynthia, we learned how to leverage each person's strengths to grow very rapidly."

Theresa H

"The workshop Cynthia led for my 55 managers was the best strengths workshop I have ever attended. It energized my team leaders to actively use individual and team talent profiles to make assignments, explore differences, and resolve conflicts. We are thrilled with the momentum we gained from the one-day workshop. "

Lisa G

"Cynthia Stewart helped our department understand how as a team we could better serve the needs of our students. Even as experienced educators, her skill in applying each of our strengths to achieve our goals was transformational. After her coaching, we are now able to assess our priorities and deploy our resources in the most effective manner."

Karen C
Professor of Accounting

Lead From Strengths

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Become The Leader Everyone Wants to Follow

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The kernels of a brilliant life are wired within each and every one of us.

Discover how you and your team are uniquely wired to do great things.

Together, you can do more than you can imagine to maximize your purpose and your impact.

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Cynthia Stewart, MBA

Let's create a world in which people love what they do and go the extra mile to make their organizations world-class. It starts with you, your team, and your company.

Executive Coach | Business Strategist

Certifications: High Performing Leaders & Teams, Gallup Strengths Coach, ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt, ASQ Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence

Strategic | Connectedness | Maximizer | Futuristic | Self-Assurance

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Everyone is Uniquely Gifted with Talents

Everyone Has Value to Offer

Excellence is Achievable with a Strengths Focus

Developing Strengths Fills the Weakness Gap

Strengths-based Teams Produce More Value and Stay Longer

Businesses Who Grow Their Leaders Grow Their Businesses Faster

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