Create a high engagement culture of winners at every level. 


Program Details

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Are you dealing with any of these challenges?  

  • 80% of teams fail to achieve the strategic objectives and vision1
  • 85% of employees (worldwide) are not engaged at work2
  • Managers account for 70% of variance in engagement2
  • Productivity declines as much as 50% when working remotely2
  • 46.9% of the time humans are working on autopilot 3 

1. Prosci, Inc    2. Gallup, Inc.   3. Gilbert & Killingsworth

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Engage in cultural development to empower winners at every level.

What clients say...

Lisa Griffin, Director Food & Nutrition, Union Public Schools

"The High Engagement Culture workshop Cynthia led for my 55 managers over Food & Nutrition in a school district was the best strengths workshop I have ever attended. It energized my team leaders to actively use individual and team talent profiles to make assignments, explore differences, and resolve conflicts. We are thrilled with the momentum and organizational insights we gained from Cynthia's expertise."

Kinnee Tilly, VP, Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance

"Working with Cynthia is a wonderful and rewarding experience. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring. She coached individual employees to utilize their greatest assets, guiding discovery and appreciation of individual talents. She is discerning and insightful through this process.  It has been a very positive experience for both the management team and field consultants. As a company owner or leader, I strongly encourage you to do this for your team."

Maximize Impact


The kernels of a brilliant life are wired within each & every one of us.

Discover how each person is uniquely wired to do great things.

Together, you can do more than you can imagine in maximizing your winning impact.

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ROI potential for strengths-based development:

A strengths-based philosophy improves employee engagement for stronger performance outcomes. (Gallup.com)






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High Engagement Culture

EverMore Services is a certified provider of the e2grow High Performing Team program. Using this program for the entire organization results in a High Engagement Culture.

The e2Grow program (outlined in the video above) provides:

1.Quick and sustainable team building that yield deeper quality relationships

2.Team calibration conversations to build trust, value diversity, and create psychological safety

3.Talents known and grown for job, team, and organizational fit

4.Increased alignment and engagement based on talents for higher performance and goal achievement

5.Leaders grow their talent as the change agent & coach

6.Enhances Lean, Six Sigma, EOS, GGOB, and other business management systems

Online and virtual flow of interventions 

involves individual leadership coaching for the change leader, digital coaching and habit creation for individuals, and virtual team coaching sessions. Validated by 100s of teams and 1000s of individuals.

How it Works

100% online program

Merge discrete concepts of Clifton Strengths + employee engagement + strengths-based leadership into a flow of interventions to achieve outcomes where:

  • Individuals invest intentional effort into developing talents into strengths, improving collaboration, performance and quality
  • Teams build a habit of candid conversations to stay, aligned, supportive, and collaborative
  • Leaders develop high trust leadership to coach engagement, connection, and contribution

You set the goals, objectives, and timing.

You select the best development package to transform your team dynamics.

I coach, advise, and consult with you to:

  1. Reveal current challenges, what's worked and what hasn't
  2. Clarify your objectives and what success looks like
  3. Profile your employee engagement
  4. Pursue strengths development to fulfill your objectives
  5. Master your leadership impact based on strengths dynamics

High Engagement Culture

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