This UNSTOPPABLE LEADERS MASTERMIND Will Help You Maximize Your Leadership Impact While Breaking Through The Barriers To Your Next-Level Success!


Be the best leader you can be, do great things, and create a better future even in chaotic times. 

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Is This A Fit?

  • This Mastermind is ONLY for business leaders willing to do the following: 1) Stretch yourself 2) Be coachable 3) Be ALL-IN 4) Enjoy the process. If you can say YES to all four, this may be a perfect fit for you.
  • This Mastermind is for leaders committed to taking your leadership to the NEXT LEVEL!
  • This Mastermind is for those business men and women dedicated to leading authentically and bringing out the best in others.
  • This Mastermind is not a social club or a networking group. It's designed to get you to the next level.
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Unstoppable Leaders step into their high calling to transform chaos into amazing

Don't let the chaos dominate!

If you're like many of the leaders I coach, you have a goal to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, to MAKE THINGS BETTER, and to LIVE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, especially as a leader. Unstoppable Leaders step into their HIGH CALLING TO SERVE WHERE GOD PLACED THEM.

Here's the catch. The place you're called into is likely where chaos dominates. Many things block your goals and plans, like world events changing the whole landscape of business. The biggest complaint of employers is finding good people is hard. AND, costs are on the rise with profits on the decline. Customers and employees are frustrated and impatient, often rude, disrespectful, and uncaring because of their own challenges. It's nearly impossible to carve out the time you need to get things done because things change so fast and you have way too much on your plate.


  • FIRST OF ALL, YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE. You need the company of other leaders and their collective wisdom to face what's in front of you with new eyes, new ways of thinking, and new workable ideas.
  • SECOND, YOU CAN'T DO IT LIKE ANYONE ELSE. You have to know the leader within to tap into your super-powers and do it your way with the awesome gifts God gave you.
  • THIRD, YOU CAN'T DO IT LIKE YOU DID BEFORE. Everything has changed - the world is different now. There's no time for trial and error. You have to adapt over night to new ways of doing things. 


  1. YOU CAN LEARN, GROW, AND LEAD IN THE COMPANY OF PEERS. You'll be amazed at the solutions you draw from the collective wisdom of the Mastermind group - things you never thought of - insights on how to solve anything.
  2. YOU CAN LEAD FROM WHO YOU ARE. You'll be inspired to lead with power and authenticity from who you naturally are as you reveal your unique blueprint for leadership in your Mastery coaching sessions.
  3. YOU CAN LEAD CONTINUOUS CHANGE. You'll be empowered to lead and manage people to adapt quickly to change in the Masterclass
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"Cynthia is a leadership expert who has impacted thousands of people in our community. She helps me narrow my focus and operate in my strengths to make maximum impact. She inspires, motivates, and helps you get results!"

Tommy Keeter
Business Owner

Cynthia Stewart, Change Catalyst

After a quarter century leading multi-million change initiatives in a $14B corporation, I developed expertise in leadership and team performance development. The teams I led created close to a billion in savings and hit top tier on industry measures. I was called "legendary" in leading change.

As an independent coach and consultant, I help business owners and leaders develop leadership, teams, and organizations to grow, win, and lead in their markets.

I have observed 1000s of leaders and witnessed first-hand what makes good leaders, great leaders, and unstoppable leaders. I have also seen what stops leaders from being their best and getting others to follow their lead. 

I created this program because we need more unstoppable leaders to transform chaos into amazing. We need more unstoppable leaders to expand the goodwill and prosperity on the planet.

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Find the Unstoppable Leader Within

Maybe you don't have a goal to be UNSTOPPABLE because it's not something you have ever thought about. But what if by thinking about it now and making a choice to bring unimaginable good into the world, you could fulfill your God-given purpose, live true to your authentic self, and bring out the 'GENIUS' in every person you lead and the 'GREAT' in every arena you serve. Isn't that why you want to lead? The Unstoppable Leader Mastermind Intensive will reveal your blueprint as a leader and your roadmap to unstoppable.


Maximize your leadership impact now and in the future


Lead from the best of who you naturally are based on what makes you strong


Leave an indelible impression on the people and in the arenas you serve

Unstoppable Leader Mastermind Includes...

In this VIRTUAL 10-WEEK MASTERMIND INTENSIVE, you reveal your blueprint as a leader and your roadmap to unstoppable. The time is brief and intense to help you maximize your results and achieve your goals in a compressed time period. Here's what you get when you reserve your seat at the Unstoppable Leaders table.

Mastermind Group ($3000 Value)

You'll participate in three 3-hour professionally facilitated mastermind sessions designed to help you gain the most. You'll gain incredible insights from the wisdom in the group, and be inspired to take immediate actions with more confidence. You can be sure the 'return on time' spent in these group meetings will be dramatic when compared to any wasted time investing in bad decisions and ill-conceived ideas.

Mastery Coaching ($1250 Value)

This executive coaching includes three private sessions with yours truly, a globally certified Gallup Strengths Coach. You'll gain deep clarity on your leadership power, purpose, and potential. You'll step away from the leadership GRIND into your leadership GENIUS, and maximize your leadership impact to bring out the GENIUS in your team. Includes your CliftonStrengths 34 full talent profile.

Online Masterclass ($1250)

This self-paced online masterclass guides you in becoming an Unstoppable Leader to make the difference you're destined for. With your unique leadership blueprint of the leader within and your own roadmap to Unstoppable, you'll leave the legacy you're born for.


When you join the Mastermind Intensive today, you'll get these extra bonuses to round out your unstoppable experience.

Extended Mastermind ($1000 Value)

As a bonus, we'll extend the Mastermind Sessions from three to four hours to add more time for strengths engagement.

Additional Mastery Coaching Session ($400 Value)

You'll receive an additional mastery coaching session in the weeks following the Mastermind Intensive to be sure you're making progress on your goals.

Unstoppable in Life ($300 Value)

You'll receive "How to be Unstoppable in Life" video and Guide This is a great companion to  the "Unstoppable Leader Masterclass" and will offer even greater insights into yourself and your unstoppable journey. 

Unstoppable in Crisis ($300 Value)

You'll receive "How to be Unstoppable in Crisis" video and Guide. You'll gain courage in how to face the unexpected events that turn our world upside down. 

Total Value=$7500 | Your Investment=$3000

This is a strengths-based program where you learn your CliftonStrengths 34 Talent Profile from Gallup, Inc. According to Gallup research, people who take the CliftonStrengths assessment automatically gain 7% productivity. At $200,000 annual salary, that's an automatic $14,000 ROI. Mastermind group attendees average a minimum of $250k additional revenues. Based on these averages, the ROI for this mastermind intensive will pay double, triple or more for your investment.

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"I highly recommend doing a Mastermind with Cynthia anytime she brings leaders together. You'll learn practical real-world ways to solve problems. It's amazing to be with other like-minded leaders. I've grown both professionally and personally in unexpected ways."

Theresa Henson
Executive Leader

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No one has the same journey to being Unstoppable. No one has the same end point. But every leader can choose to be their most authentic self to bring out the 'Genius' in others and the 'Great' in the arenas where they serve. Only you can guarantee your own results. 


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